Tuesday, June 5, 2012

MUSIC REVIEW - Tyler, The Creator – Bastard

Tyler, The Creator - Bastard

Bastard is a hip hop album from rapper Tyler, The Creator (Tyler Okonma) he has been recognized for his often times shocking lyrical content which is reminiscent of late 90’s and early 00’s Eminem. Lyrics like this are most notable on the song Sarah and may be disturbing to some listeners. Aside from that we will look more closely at the actual quality of the songs aside from the controversy that surrounds the music.

The first thing that should be said is this album is either firing on all cylinders or falling flat on its face. Let’s look at the negatives first, it just is not solid at all, one minute Tyler is pushing out great beats with very interesting story’s to back those beats and tracks up. The next minute though you get nothing but stupidity. What we have here is a couple amazing tracks followed up by long dry spells of boring beats or just plain hard to listen to lyrics. This is most notable straightaway in the beginning of the album tracks 3-5 are just boring and leave me uninterested. I mean you can only listen to Tyler’s problems with women for so long and what’s the kick in the legs is the beats are just so boring, so what happens is you get a double dose of horrible. The hooks on some of these tracks are also horrible as well and this is most notable on the song Blow. They are just awkwardly delivered and not catchy by any sense of the word.

Fortunately this album has a saving grace and that comes in the form of the first two tracks on here. They are by every meaning of the word ‘classic’ they hit you with a wild and strange story about a kid and his life and hatred for a deadbeat runaway dad.  The beats on Seven are like chocolate for the ears and the piano loop on Bastard complement the lyrical content tenfold.

What this turns out to be is a most painful venture into alt-hip hop. Despite this a couple of gems manage to save this record from being completely atrocious. 



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