Thursday, June 14, 2012

TRACK REVIEW - Of Mice (and) Men – The Depths

Track Review: Of Mice & Men - The Depths

What the hell… is this same band that released The Flood? 

The Depths is the latest track from California metalcore band Of Mice & Men, and it’s a doozy. It’s off their upcoming re-release of the album “The Flood”. An album that I quiet enjoyed and found fun and dark all at the same time. The re-release has come at the time of the former clean vocalist’s departure and it’s not really certain whether this is new material or a B-side of “The Flood” sessions. 

The fact is that this song fails to capture any of the emotion or power that was behind “The Flood. It sounds like you should be getting ready to just jump up and start moshing like a mad man but instead it just comes off as trying too hard to capture what should just come naturally from heavy music. Not only that but this song just gives me headache, hardly soothing or interesting it’s just being loud for the sake of being loud. The band takes a huge hit to their line up without their excellent clean vocalist Shayley Bourget and releases a headache inducing single.


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