Sunday, June 10, 2012

MUSIC REVIEW - Working in Tennesse -- Merle Haggard

 Working in Tennessee - Merle Haggard

It’s an interesting thing to hear when I listen to people talking about how they a hate a certain type of music. Surly I am not trying to down play people preferences here. But it seems sort of odd for people to want to shut themselves into certain genres such as metal or rap. Why not just try to find something in each genre you like? It doesn’t seem that hard to anyone reading this who might already understand what I am talking about. But, as it is, listening to music is a time consuming and an expensive affair to just go around buying things at random. I mean yes there is you tube and such but not all of us have unlimited time to explore different genres.

This is why some of us turn to reviewers, in a way you can sort of vicariously get the idea of listening to an album that you may, in the end, never end up listening to yourself. We may also use reviewers to see if our old favorites are still producing solid music or follow our favorite review to see if there is anything we are missing out on that may be promising.

Bringing us to the review of today and that is Merle Haggard’s “Working in Tennessee”. This album starts off with fun and fast tempo ‘Working In Tennessee’. It’s a great start to a great album that really showcases what country music could be. The fun continues with ‘Cocaine Blues’, which is still a great song to cover, that had me laughing throughout the entire thing and this is all set to fun and poppy guitar sounds and energetic drum beats. 

Merle is wonderful singer with a great voice and the music arrangements on this album really compliment the talent. The music itself has its fair share of songs that’s get you moving, along with a couple of slow burners that are held together by strong melodies which keep them from getting too boring. The change ups are great for making sure you don’t hear the same song twice. In the end this is a fun album that should please fans of both country music and people who enjoy other genres and are stuck to their “I hate country” guns. 


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