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Every so often we come across an artist that bends the laws of conventional thought and try’s something completely different. Unfortunately for the artist that tries to take a step in the direction of walking in different shoes, it doesn’t always work out.

“What do you mean it doesn’t always work out? Lil Wayne’s rock album was the best!” (s) [No offense to Mr. Wayne, he is a respectable man.] 

That leads us up to the man at hand that is in the spot light Scott Mescudi (KiD CuDi), he has recently worked on a side project to bring to the world WZRD. This is his attempt along with fellow member Dot to debut Scott’s rock album. Fans will instantly recognize the name and stage name of Scott, but for everyone else here is a quick history lesson, he is a rapper who has gained quite a lot of attention from his mix tapes and last two LP’s. [I should mention at this point that, yes, Dot Da Genius was involved in this project and I am not trying to belittle his part in it.]

This release comes at a tough time for Mescudi, having recently had a bought of “writers block” and a lot of changes in release dates (a mix tape that never was too be, the release date for MOTM III has also been shaky, and a not-so-official announcement that a second WZRD album would be on the way instead of MOTM III) which no doubt has figured into why we have what we have now. 

What this leaves us with is a mess of an album that comes close to the goal it tries so hard to accomplish but ultimately falls completely on its head. As a fan of both rap and rock music it is always interesting to hear the two genres combined in new and different ways. For some reason though this album just doesn't do anything for me. The guitar work is shoddy at best, I don’t feel any adrenaline rush when I hear this music, and the drumming is sadly uninspiring. This is a sloppy marriage of rock and rap in fact I can’t even call this a rock album as it has so many tendencies of rap in it that I just want to call this alternative rap and be done with it. 

Which brings me to my next complaint, the singing is very surprisingly awful. Me, like others, have come to see Scott as having one of the better singing voices in rap but on this LP it does not carry over at all. Leaving me to sit here and ask myself what the hell happened? This is not the same guy who belted out the chorus in the song ‘Erase Me’. In fact the song Erase Me (that got some fans angry at it for not being a “rap” song) is better than every single song on this album. 

Now that is not to say that everything on here is terrible. Every now and then a good riff pops up that makes you wish it was used properly or just in a better song. Unfortunately Scott and Dot’s first foray into rock music is a complete failure, which is not to say there is no chance for improvement. Maybe on a second release with more experience with the guitar and taking in the criticism of this release constructively they may just have enough to muster the next In Utero. Until then though…


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