Sunday, July 1, 2012

Living Things Linkin Park album review

Living Things by Linkin Park

Linkin Park has received a lot of talk over that past couple years, many of that talk being complaints. If you are a hardcore Linkin Park fan the complaints probably started with the release of the album Minutes to Midnight and got worse when they released A Thousand Suns. It’s without a doubt that most of the bands older fans either learned to love this new sporadic style by the band or they have given up entirely on them. Yet despite all the people against the last couple albums, Linkin Park has managed to create some true gems throughout the past two records. The only question left is… can they do it again?

This is a by the numbers Linkin Park album, period. What we have on this album is a sort of, revisit, of the Meteora and Minutes to Midnight days. Now that may not seem very obvious at first because the band puts a heavier focus on electronic music on this album, which is reminiscent of A Thousand Suns. Even though this is the case, gone is the over blown story line from A Thousand Suns (Suns), and gone is the overabundance of throw away tracks that clouted Suns. If you took Meteora and Minutes to Midnight and morphed them together, this is what you would get.*

Despite the fact that this tries to do nothing more than be a by the numbers Linkin Park (LP) album it still manages to give some LP charm. Every now and then you get a sense of the same fun and interest that came with listening to older records. Unfortunately despite the squeaky clean production and the usual high energy singing/MCing, most of these songs fall flat. It’s just they all have been done before and they all have been done before better. It’s that simple fact as to why this is not a return to Linkin Parks spirit, it sounds consistently like something I have already heard from this band. Frankly that is just plain boring. What we have here is a good album, but, longtime fans will most likely be bored when listening, new fans who jumped on board for this album or came around during Suns will probably love it, which is why this is going to have two ratings. 

New listeners - 6/10


Old listeners – 5/10

* With the exception of Until It Breaks that is, that song sounds like it was taken right out of the roster of Suns.

Feel free to leave a comment! How do you feel about the album? How do you feel about the review? Are you an old time fan, how do you feel about this?

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