Sunday, April 14, 2013

MUSIC REVIEW - Tyler, The Creator – Wolf

Tyler, The Creator - Wolf

Tyler, The Creator is back. No wait, he is not just back; he is thriving. This time he brings an ever more refined sound to the table. As Tyler experiments and develops as an artist he continues to improve the quality of his music.  This is easily seen on such tracks like Jamba, Cowboy, and IFHY. Songs such as these bring forth the moods and impacts that have had fans hooked since the beginning with Bastard. For the die hard and casual fan, there is much to plod through on this LP. At the end of it all, Wolf is in many ways a return to form; but despite this, it only builds and improves upon Tyler’s repertoire.

Often time accompanied with a piano, Wolf, brings the thick and gritty beats, often time mixed in with more simplistic beats like on Parking Lot, that are to be expected from the young artist. Many times it is reminiscent of Goblin and Bastard. It seems as if Tyler is afraid to wade out of familiar territory. They often lurch forward at a seemingly fast but decidedly slow pace. This goes a long way to give the album a distinctly eerie feel that leaves the listener wanting more. Despite a number of denials, it is no wonder that Tyler’s genre is always mistaken for horror rap, with the claustrophobic and seemingly tight feel the album creates.

Tyler’s flow sometimes comes off as lazy and decidedly not very technical. This is not a bad thing though. If one is looking for an album to have technical bars and spot on delivery, this LP is not for you. The delivered lines are easy on the ears and often times fit the mood and the music.  If one is looking for face paced and engaging deliveries, one should look at Domo23 and Tamale (If one can stand the annoying female sample on the latter).

One should expect that any Tyler, The Creator review comes with a small discussion on the rap artists lyrics. For those that get offended by even the slightest swearing, this album is not for you. It comes packaged with some shocking and often times offensive lyrics. To those who are not prepared it might be shocking. For others though, it is just another factor in the allure of the artist.


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