Saturday, June 22, 2013

MUSIC REVIEW - Kanye West – Yeezus

Kanye West – Yeezus

Yeezus is Kanye West’s sixth proper LP and his first record since his landmark My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.  Those looking for a retread of the older discography will be sorely disappointed as this LP shares more qualities with KiD CuDi’s third release Indicud.

This is a dark and sexually frustrated album. When Kanye isn’t taking shots at his new found white fan base; he is holding down the fort on his claim to being a sex addict. This album is rife with his sexual exploits and he is not afraid to give sexual meaning to anything and everything. Whether it be describing  himself as a priest of sex, or using the song ‘Strange Fruit’ to reminisce about old conquests. It is not an album for the people who view themselves as a moral oasis in a world of smut.

Overall this album starts out very strong and then slowly degrades during the second half. Around the sixth track the album falls into running annoying and rage inducing samples. ‘Blood On the Leaves’ uses a very annoying sample of ‘Strange Fruit’ that runs in and out of the background. The voice of the original singer seems to have been distorted to the point of causing annoyance.  ‘Bound 2’ is another very promising track ruined by a reoccurring  sample that pulls the listener out of the experience to hear an annoying woman say “Uh huh honey” over and over again in the back ground and occasionally completely overtaking the track. It is annoying and ruins the good flow of the song… all I wanted to do was IGNORE Kanye’s lousy delivery, but I cannot even enjoy the damn flow of the song because every 10 seconds I get to hear UH HUH HONEY UH HUH HONEY UH HUH HONEY



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